Getting Started

This web site as well as client web sites published by dZineweb are hosted by Go They are one of the largest and reliable web servers providing web hosting services on the internet. The web hosting service provides the space (hard drive/server) where your website is published.

You can register your domaine name with Go Daddy as well. Your domaine name is the name of your web site, ( Both of these steps are easy and inexpensive. I'll walk you thru if you like, no problem.

With a small deposit, we start putting your web ideas together on the server for you to view. If what you see is not to your satisfaction I will return your deposit. No problem.

Design Layout

It's easy to get carried away with alot of fancy animation, sound effects and buttons that perform a series of gyrations before they get you where you want to go. You will notice that most web sites do not flood you with these effects, the reason being is that most visitors are annoyed with all the fanfare and just want to get to the business at hand. A tasteful amount is welcomed and attractive but too much just increases the cost of the web site and only benifits the web designer. It's easy to get sold on too much!


Photographs are key ingredients in getting a great visual appearance and the starting point for most web imaging. Be sure to use the higher settings on your camera for the best results. Planning your photos specifically for your web site is also a good idea. If you are local, photos can be taken at your location.

Don't get caught up in a monthly contract that is a combined web site package!

One customer with the Yellow Pages monthly contract system was paying over $200.00/month. This was a very basic web site and included the server (hosting service). Sound good? A little over $2,400.00/year! Well, we designed a better web site with comparable content $400.00/$600.00 range. Web hosting is now about $5.00/$10.00/month and the domaine registration is about $8.00/$15.00/year. Done.

Even a $35.00/month contract, by the second or third year you will be paying three times too much and growing!